Tips on Simplifying the Holiday Season

Member tips for simplifying the holiday season:

  • If out-of-town guests are staying at your house, ask them ahead of time what their favorite dish is to make for the holidays. Buy the groceries needed for their recipe and have them make it while they’re there. It makes them feel good to contribute something. (Shared by MLA)
  • Keep it simple! Enlist the kids as helpers to make their favorite dishes. Find out what their favorite dish is, then teach them to make it themselves. (Shared by LS)
  • Take advantage of local free classes for decorating & cooking assistance! For example: Williams Sonoma at Park Meadows Mall and in Aspen Grove have free junior chef classes that are supposedly suitable for ages 5-13, and for the holiday season they offer classes on how to make stuffing and simple seasonal veggies. They also have free adult technique classes on Sundays: Side dishes one day and desserts on another. Details on their website(Shared by LS)
  • Every year, have each child pick out a special ornament and hang all of their own special ornaments when it’s time to decorate the Christmas tree. Over time, you’ll have a beautiful collection of special ornaments and simplify the decorating process. (Shared by RG)
  • Cut down your own Christmas tree (Permits are $10 through the Forestry Dept.) Use your tree cuttings to make a fresh door wreath each year (wreath “frame” can be purchased at Michaels or Walmart). (Shared by RG)
  • Make an account on Shutterfly, Snapfish or any photo printing services you like. Load your pictures and design your card early (in October if possible). Then save your project and order in batches as you receive holiday coupons — most sites do a first set free (6-10 cards) before Thanksgiving. By the time you’re ready to send out cards, you’ll have them ready at a fraction of the regular price. (Shared by RG)
  • Send your family newsletter digitally. Be sure to send a hard copy to those who aren’t computer users.  (Shared by JD)
  • Take 3-4 weeks off of your homeschool in December and enjoy the season. You’ll also have extra helpers available to help you with special holiday projects. (Shared by SP)
  • Plan ahead: Make lists and spread out big jobs into small, workable segments. (Shared by SP)
  • Find fun ways to wrap/hide cash gifts (such as in a soda bottle, decorated can, etc. (Shared by SP)
  • Shop online to take advantage of sales and free shipping directly to the gift recipients. (Shared by TN)
  • Keep a running list of gift ideas all year long, along with current sizes worn. (Shared by TN)
  • Take advantage of stores giving extra rewards points (for gas discounts, etc.) when you buy gift cards.  (Shared by NC)
  • For the “Underachievers” (ha ha!)… 1) Become injured or sick a couple of days before the holiday itself so that everyone else has to do the work and wait on you. 2) Go on a cleanse so that you have an excuse not to cook. (Shared by PL)

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