Member Code of Conduct

As a member of the Christian Homeschoolers of Castle Rock, I agree to conduct myself in ways that honor God and others, in speech, conduct, and dress. I agree to model desirable social behaviors and to guide my children in following my model.

I will speak only what is kind, necessary, and true.  I agree not to exhibit behaviors that will dishonor our brothers and sisters, such as gossiping, using foul language, dressing inappropriately or exhibiting disrespectful attitudes.

I will be aware of the behavior of my children at all times, in order to quickly redirect and coach them in Biblical character development.

I will strive to follow these guidelines in order to put the interests of the group ahead of the interests of my family alone:

  • My family will arrive at meetings, field trips, and special events on time.
  • I, or an assigned adult guardian, will be present with my children at all CHOCR events (unless otherwise noted as a drop-off event).
  • I will teach my children to raise their hand and wait to be called on in order to speak in classes, to pay close attention to the teachers and to follow class instructions.
  • I will remember that we are guests of various venues.  I will respect them, and will aim to leave them in as good or better condition than I found them.
  • I will teach my children not to distract or disrupt others in classes or on field trips and will instruct them in correct principles of respectful behavior towards others.
  • I will be aware of opportunities for service, in areas such as helping at co-op classes, field trips, or special events – setting up, cleaning up, assisting students, etc.
  • I will look for opportunities to encourage others with kind words.
  • I will instruct my children to respect their peers’ by not name-calling, hitting, or grabbing each other during our fun times together.
  • I will choose forgiveness, even if not requested, when I am wronged by someone – remembering that I am, also, by God’s grace, forgiven.

Release of Liability: As an unincorporated and uninsured support group, we require all members attending any CHOCR-sponsored event to accept responsibility for their family members and to not hold other members, leaders, or activity organizers responsible or liable for injury to themselves or their children (including but not restricted to: behavior, injuries, breakage, lost or stolen items, etc.). Parents are expected to carry their own insurance and directly supervise their children at all times. One parent must be present at any CHOCR event/activity you attend, unless specified as a drop-off (teen events only).