Meet the CHOCR Board of Directors

These are the current volunteer board members for the Christian Homeschoolers of Castle Rock.

Mary Lou Allevato: meeting coordinator

Mary Lou Allevato is the Meeting Coordinator for CHOCR. Her main responsibilities are to choose the topics for, and facilitate our monthly meetings. It also means the meetings are at her house so she doesn’t have to drive. 🙂 If you have an idea for topics or speakers, please contact her. She is happy to hear new ideas.

Mary Lou and her husband David are California natives and have 6 children. They have been homeschooling for 19 years. Although Mary Lou’s three older sisters homeschooled it wasn’t until their first child, Adam, was 4 that they decided to give it a try. David was captain of his high school football team and Mary Lou was a leader of her high school Drill Team. They wanted these same “opportunities” for their kids. But Adam was an early reader and loved learning on his own. Realizing he would be bored in kindergarten, they, instead, gave him learning opportunities at home and he thrived. They never considered traditional education again.

Adam (23) is pursuing his PhD in Mechanical Engineering/Robotics at UT in Austin, TX, Phillip (20) is a Senior at Whitworth University in Spokane, WA, is a Political Science major, and is planning on attending Law School, Peter (17) is a Freshman at Colorado Christian University majoring in Political Science and plans to go into Law Enforcement/Crime Scene Investigation, Luke (14) and Abigail (14) are in 9th grade and have no idea what they want to do in the future, and Naomi (8) is in 3 rd grade. She likes birds.

David will be taking early retirement in October and, after 32 years in aerospace, will start a new career in real estate. They are excited (and a little bit scared) of this huge lifestyle change, but welcome the freedom that will come with it. With the career change and half of the kids out of the nest, this next year will look very different from years past. They are excited to see where the Lord will lead them.


Lisa Stone: website administrator

Lisa is the new website administrator for the Christian Homeschoolers of Castle Rock. She has no prior experience in
the IT field, but she can push out mass emails, post blog pages, update the calendar, and is willing to learn how to serve the group in this way. 2016 begins her third year on the CHOCR board of directors; she served two years as treasurer and started training to become the web admin spring 2016.

Lisa was a public elementary school teacher in Texas for three years. She never felt at ease there. She hopped from school to school and grade to grade, but couldn’t find a great fit. She has a has a 22 year old son who was public schooled and graduated from Douglas County High School. After years of wishing she could homeschool, a couple years of concentrated prayer, numerous petitions to her husband, countless hours of research, and the encouragement of other homeschool families, she was given the support by her husband to start homeschooling in 2012. She is now starting her 5th year of homeschooling her teen daughters. They whole family, including their son, is confident that this is the best way to educate their children. Jim and Lisa wish they had homeschooled all of their children from the very beginning. The Stones strive to encourage parents to love their children, educate them well and disciple them.

The girls are now both in high school, learning how to become the young women God created them to be. Trinity is pursuing music and Clara is still unsure of her future, but loves crafting and organizing. They both are quick learners and prefer a textbook approach to their learning. They love to know when school is done at the end of the day and at the end of the year. They direct more and more of their learning each year, and Lisa is teaching them to keep track of their own hours in elective credits like music, home economics and other non-traditional classes. Tailoring education to the children’s God-given talents is one of the best parts of homeschooling.

Jim, aka Mr. Stone, hosts the Teen Life Skills class each month, teaching the teens various skills like time management, orienteering, public speaking, dining etiquette, and having fun with them. Jim works from home in the IT field, and is grateful to have the opportunity to do school a little differently with the girls.

Jim and Lisa look forward to meeting you and hope to encourage you to keep homeschooling, seeking the Lord’s will for your life and your children, and to love your children and spouse well.


Karyn Hoffman: membership coordinator

Karyn Hoffman was born in Kansas and while she grew up there, she finished high school in Aurora, CO. Her husband, Brian, is a native Coloradoan and graduated from Denver Christian HS. They met at Colorado Christian University and just celebrated 20 years of marriage. Karyn initially worked as a mental health worker at a residential treatment facility with emotionally disturbed and abused children. After that, she worked at a food brokerage before ending up working for an association management and event planning company. She was blessed with the ability to continue this work from home after their twins and youngest kiddo were born, until 4 years ago.

Homeschooling was not initially on Brian and Karyn’s radar and had planned to send their children to a private Christian school. But then, God moved in Karyn’s heart and after attending a CHEC Conference in 2011, she knew it was the right path for her family. After being in public education, Brian was quickly on board, and so they began their homeschooling journey when the twins were ready for preschool. This next school year will be the beginning of their 6th year of homeschooling, with Rachael and Ben (10) going into 4th grade and Abbie (7) going into 2nd grade. Karyn is passionate about homeschooling and feels so blessed to be able to teach their children and watch them grow. The best part of watching them learn is the number of things she is learning right alongside them!

Three years ago, Brian left the public school system to start his own business as a private sports coach. God has truly blessed this leap of faith! Through CBH Sports Coaching, Brian not only works with individual athletes, he also teaches a PE class for elementary children on Fridays and a workout club for ages 14 and up on Monday and Friday mornings.

In addition to a busy schedule with homeschooling and daycare, Karyn loves to watch old movies, bake and read!


Trish Lyons: treasurer

Trish Lyons has recently taken on the job of treasurer for CHoCR, and has been a member of the group off and on since she and her family moved to Castle Rock in late 2002.  She and her husband Mike have 5 children, ranging from ages 8 to 19, and have homeschooled them all from the start.  Trish attended her first homeschooling conference when her oldest child was 2, and has been excited about homeschooling ever since.  Mike is also passionate about home education, and loves to encourage other parents in their homeschooling journeys.  Though there have been challenges in the Lyons’ homeschool along the way, the Lord has always been faithful to provide just what each child needs at just the right time.  This coming school year the Lyonses have one son in college, one daughter dual enrolled in high school and community college, one daughter in middle school, and two sons in elementary school.