Q: What type of organization is the Christian Homeschoolers of Castle Rock? What does membership with CHOCR provide?

A: CHOCR is a private, non-profit, faith-based support group for Christian homeschooling families in the Castle Rock area of Douglas County, Colorado, who are teaching and training our children according to the Biblical admonition in Deuteronomy 6:5-7.

Our role is to offer a support network to local Christian homeschool families by meeting regularly for encouragement, offering information about educational opportunities in the local area along with fellowship and instruction. We are made up of volunteers who are also training and educating our children, being wives and mothers, and supporting this group.

Membership with CHOCR provides your family with access to all events hosted by Christian Homeschoolers of Castle Rock. This includes free monthly member meetings, park days, presentation days, geography/science/art fairs, used curriculum shares & swaps, and other special events and field trips that are coordinated by member families specifically for other members to participate in (such as informal co-ops, movie or game nights, holiday parties, etc.).

Membership also provides you with complete access to the secure side of our member Web site, where you will be able to interact with other members, find resources and tools, discuss questions and issues in our online forums, and be automatically notified about all CHOCR-specific events that are posted to our secure calendar.


Q: If I join the Christian Homeschoolers of Castle Rock, am I enrolling my students as homeschoolers officially with the state of Colorado in any way?

A: NO — Membership to the Christian Homeschoolers of Castle Rock is not tied in any way with registering your students with the state of Colorado. We are NOT an independent school and do not keep any official records for your family.

CHOCR is an independent support group for homeschooling families. If you are interested in signing up with an independent school or need more information on how to comply with Colorado homeschool laws, see the Colorado Department of Education’s FAQ.


Q: Are the Christian Homeschoolers of Castle Rock associated with any specific church or curriculum or teaching method?

A: CHOCR is an independent support group made up of members who attend local Christian churches of their choosing and utilize curriculum and teaching methods that meet the needs of their families.

Although you are not required to be a member of any specific church or curriculum program, we do ask that ALL members agree to a Statement of Beliefs that represent the core faith of our support group. We believe that it’s important for all of our members to agree to these foundational statements of the Christian faith to provide unity within our support group.

When requesting membership, you will be asked to agree with this statement. If you have any questions, you can contact us at info@chocr.net.


Q: What if I am looking for a weekly co-op (cooperative schooling) program or enrichment classes provided by someone else. Are these available through the Christian Homeschoolers of Castle Rock?

A: At this time, CHOCR does NOT provide any formal co-op programs.

However, many of our members have formed informal co-ops with other member families throughout the year that they administer independently, and these have proven to be very successful. Some members also participate in one of several weekly private or public co-ops available in the Castle Rock area, and as a member of CHOCR, you will learn about all available options for homeschoolers locally.

Our role at CHOCR is not to provide additional programs, but to create connections between like-minded Christian homeschool families in our community. Through the support network we provide, you will get to know many families that you can partner with for informal co-ops. We also keep our members up to date on homeschool-specific programs in our area (through the Homeschooling Links page) so you can find additional enrichment classes that may serve some of your homeschooling needs.